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38 Comments on Life by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Comments on Life

Drawing - Signed, dated and inscribed

Image Area: 9ins x 11.5ins

A drawing showing depravity and naughtiness in the extreme. We can only assume the thoughts in this drawing were inspired from Norman's early experiences in Birmingham at the Art College when he was only 18, probably embellished by his own rampant imagination and thoughts on religion.

The antics the clergy got up to in this drawing is quite astonishing if they were true and can only bring to question one's own imagination as Norman would have seen it at the time. Maybe reading history would have contributed to the thoughts as the clergy ruled by religious hell and damnation

Perhaps the title gives us an insight into Norman's thoughts and therefore his 'comments on life': drunkenness, sex and other goings on that are now being uncovered nearly 80 years later

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