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94 Evans by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)


Watercolour - Signed and dated 1994

Image size: 215mm x 265mm - Framed 430 x 485

Inspired by the poem Evans by R. S. Thomas

Evans? Yes many a time
I came down his bare flight
Of stairs into the gaunt kitchen
With it's wood fire, where crickets sang
Accompaniment to the black kettle's
Whine, and so into the cold
Dark to smother in the thick tide
Of night that drifted about the walls
Of his stark farm on the hill ridge.

It was not the dark filling my eyes
And mouth appalled me; not even the drip
Of rain like blood from the one tree
Weather-tortured, It was the dark
Silting the veins of that sick man
I left stranded upon the vast
And lonely shore of his bleak bed.

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