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78 Les Filles (The Madam) by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

78 Les Filles (The Madam) by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Les Filles (The Madam)

Pen and Ink - Signed and dated

Image Area: 6.5ins x 4.5ins

This ink drawing by Norman was probably inspired by the Profumo affair in 1963 and although the drawing was executed many years later there has rarely been a year when the event hasn't received some form of publicity

The public appear to have been fascinated by the story of the MP, John Profumo and the showgirls Christine Keeler and Mandy-Rice Davies. In 2014 a musical is opening in London based on the story with songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Would the story of Profumo, involving Stephen Ward or the life of Quentin Crisp, both so admirably played by the actor John Hurt, have been as fascinating had they occurred in the modern 21st Century? Probably not !!

So it is understandable why Norman should produce such a drawing 15 years later

This isn't the only work by Norman involving the 'oldest profession', he also painting a work in 1947 titled 'Digbeth Deep Down' of ladies in Digbeth, Birmingham which was gifted to the Birmingham Art Gallery by John Hughes in 2003

This work is in a private collection

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