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50 Brownfields Site by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Brownfields Site

Watercolour: Signed and dated 1950

Image Area: 360mm x 530mm - Framed: 630mm x 780mm

Following WW2, bombed areas of cities were cleared of rubble and the areas took on the name of Brownfields sites. These were areas marked for redevelopment

Generally, brownfield sites exist in a city's or towns industrial section, on locations with abandoned factories or commercial buildings. Small brownfields may also be found in many older residential neighbourhoods

During the war much of Birmingham had been bombed and Norman, whilst working in Birmingham was in the think of the redevelopment so it was only natural sketch and record the areas affected in his paintings. The land termed Brownfields could lie idle for decades and many of these sites can still be seen in the inner cities 70 years on

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