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50 The Taxman by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

The Taxman

Watercolour: Signed and dated 1950

Image: 225mm x 155mm - Framed: 505mm x 405mm

A Taxman with wings? Depicting an Angel? The image shows a number of people with bowed heads and looking to the ground but one lady in the painting is looking very cheerful as though she has avoided paying the taxman.

Perhaps the taxman is likely to be suggesting to the lady she goes to his office immediately to pay her taxes or even worse and imposing his wrath on her

An unusual work and the meaning behind it, as with so many of Norman's paintings has been lost forever but we assume that the painting would have been significant to some aspect of Norman's life in 1950. Norman was no different in this respect to many, he didn't like paying taxes

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