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58 Skyscrapers by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)


Watercolour over pencil: Signed Dated 1958

Image: 370mm x 545mm - Framed: 620 x 780

An unfinished painting from Norman, in fact a lot of Norman's work was unfinished, Why?

Norman would start a painting, put it down and pick it up at other times with the intention to finish the work. When asked about unfinished paintings the answer was always:

"That's as far as I wanted to take it"

Some of the paintings look finished such as the painting of Conwy Castle in this exhibition and to the untrained eye would appear to be a complete work but on closer inspection the viewer can see some areas that are unfinished, other works have been sold as finished but are clearly not

Many artists would not sign work that was unfinished however in the case of Skyscrapers the work is shown as an exhibition piece so that the viewer can see how the artist puts together a work from the original drawing to the finished painting

The picture is completely balanced with the drawing of the construction worker on the right, the other workers in the center and the background again in pencil

This in itself makes for a much more interesting work in any collection

This work is in a private collection

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