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93 The Style  by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Chance Encounter

Watercolour: Signed Dated 1993

Image: 135mm x 130mm - Framed 350mm x 330mm

Norman had always been a romantic as many of his paintings and drawings show. This chance encounter or may be not is typical of Norman's work and his thoughts

Often there are hidden meanings in Norman's paintings and here we see the couple meeting on a style but with the church in the background the artist is showing the viewer, not only where the journey begins but also where it ends

There are many drawings and paintings in the exhibition that follow a theme of life to death and sometimes beyond, often taking the viewer out of their comfort zone to question their own minds and thoughts

The painting "Summertime on Bredon" after the poem by Alfred Houseman is the ultimate example

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