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48 Bathing Girls by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Bathing Girls

Watercolour - Signed

Image Area: 13ins x 10.5ins

A group of girls bathing in the local pool

Norman studied the anatomy of the human form whether it be male or female and completed many studies that he used whilst teaching at the Redditch College of Art. He drew seperate arms, legs, heads and bodies to teach students how the body worked, many of his teaching aids would include muscle structure.

In 2006 Norman lent his teaching aids to a local young girl who was studying art but unfortunately she did not return them and when asked said they had been mislaid. The work in the folder would be instantly recognisable as Norman's and hopefully one day will be returned

Norman's portrayal of young ladies was not only exceptional but delightful when he painted them in a setting as we see in this painting

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