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78x Congestion in the Town by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

78x Congestion in the Town by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Congestion in the Town

Ink drawing with colour washes - Signed dated and inscribed

Image Area 11.25ins x 17.2ins

Possible a reflection on the Redditch New Town with St. Stephen's Church in the center

From the day the new town of Redditch was proposed the objections flowed in, mainly from the Redditch residents who could see their town destroyed from an over-spill of Birmingham, they were right. The old town was bulldozed, communities destroyed, shops that had been there for centuries closed and a carbuncle built in the middle

Norman and his fellow parishioners were right, it ripped the heart out of Redditch and although the shopping center brought new businesses to Redditch, the town would never be the same. The residents could no longer meet in Evesham Street for a natter or go to Grey's cafe for coffee. Now it's Starbucks and Costa-Coffee with no thought for the older folks

So here is Redditch, portrayed in a painting where everyone is rushing around but not getting anywhere. Many of the buildings of Redditch can be seen in this painting, the old gas holders and the unmistakeable High Duty Alloys factory both on Windsor Road, although the gas holders have been replaced by blocks of flats

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