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68 Farm Gate by Drawings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Father leaning on the Farm Gate

Ink Drawing - Signed - N Neasom

Image size 125mm x 100mm - Framed 265mm x 230mm

Birchensale Farm, Salter's Lane, Redditch - Norman's family home. This drawing, probably around the time of WW2 shows Norman's father leaning on the gate overlooking the field called 'Big Bakers' (now a housing estate).

To the right of the drawing is the end barn before arriving at the farmhouse. To the left was the River Arrow which flowed past Hewell Paper Mills, surrounded by land of Birchensale before arriving at the Forge Mill

In the days this drawing represents, Birchensale was mainly a dairy farm and the cows would be driven up 'Big Bakers' to the milking sheds every morning and evening.

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