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93x Harvest Supper by Paintings by Norman Neasom (1915 - 2010)

Harvest Supper

Watercolour: Signed and dated 1993

Image Area: 250mm x 305mm

The setting is Birchensale Farm, Redditch. Birchensale was Norman's family home and a working farm until the 1990's when the land was sold for a housing development although the land had been sold by the family many years previously.

An interesting composition as most of the buildings have been moved around to produce the finished work.

The barn shown in the background dates back to the 15th century and maybe even before, it was built in the old traditional style using wooden pegs and was one of the oldest buildings in the area. It would certainly have played a significant role in the time Bordesley Abbey prior to the dissolution of the Monasteries and an extremely important listed building.

To the rear of the barn can be seen a dovecote. Here we have a little of what is known as "Artist's Licence". The dovecote is that of Spetchley but at the time Norman painted this work, he was not entirely satisfied with the large area of sky, hence the dovecote.

The doorway on the left of the painting led to the scullery and although shown as a light area was in fact quite dark. The scullery was used for washing down after working on the farm before going in to the adjoining room. This room was known as the gun room and the furniture seen in the painting was actually in that room.

The wall to the left of the painting IS in the right place and in front of the wall where the lady is serving the meal was a large stone sink for washing boots The small buildings to the right of the painting are old pigsties and should be on the left behind the stone wall. These buildings were later used as kennels.

The whole of Birchensale is now a listed property and has been converted in to a commercial complex but much of the old can still be seen.

This work is in a private collection

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