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This website is run by the Archivist for the Fine Art Trade Guild and from their databases the art trade and collector may research information not shown by the publisher on the artwork thereby assisting your business or enhancing the enjoyment of your personal collection.

Visit the Fine Art Trade Guild for further information on www.fineart.co.uk 


 Current data includes information from:

  • Publications approved by the Printsellers Association 1847 - 1920
  • Publications approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild 1915 - 1997

By supplying the smallest of details, i.e. "image size" and "subject" it may be possible to complete the missing information of the publication including the engravers name: original artist: title: edition number: date of publication: publisher and other information. The print must carry the embossed stamp of either the Printsellers Association or Fine Art Trade Guild

The Guild Information service carries a standard fee of £20+VAT payable to the Guild. The Information is supplied via the Fine Art Trade Guild website at www.fineart.co.uk